15K   1000+

Start day of the race 26 july 2020

Depature time 8:30h

Place of departure Square del Fort

Place of arrival Square del Fort

Closed park opening time 8:15h

Day of race bibs hand out on Saturday and sunday

Timetable of race bibs hand out on (saturday) from 18:00h to 19:00h

Place of race bibs hand out at (saturday) Local pavilion

Timetable of race bibs hand out on (sunday) from 7:30h to 8:30h

Place of race bibs hand out at (sunday) Local pavilion

Parking Field next to fuel station & Football stadium

Parking motorhomes and vans Football stadium

Camp area Football stadium

Wardrobe Local pavilion

Showers Local pavilion

Swimming pool Free enter for runners


Natural area Serra del Catllaràs

Landmarks Falgars i Xalet del Catllaràs

Real distance 15'3K

% Single track 90

% Track 5

% Asphalt 5

Elevation gain +1.000m

Maximum height race  1.575m

Minimum heihgt race  850m

Mandatory equipment It is the responsibility of the runner to make the decision to use the recommended material by the organization.

Recommended equipment waterproof jacket, cup, thermal blanket and thermal t-shirt, mobile phone (with waterproof cover)

Spare bag (personal) No

Aid stations (in race) 2

Aid station points

Av1. Prat Gespador (Km 9'4)

Av2. Xalet del Catllaràs (Km 11'4)

Recommended points to see the race road access  

* Miss plastic cups to comply with guidelines of the Natural Reserve

Aid station products

Aid 1. Water, Coca-Cola, flectomin, banana, orange, sweets, nuts, quince jelly. All gluten free

Aid 2. Water, Coca-Cola, flectomin, banana, orange, sweets, nuts, spanish omelette, olives, fuet and quince jelly. All gluten free.

Arrival aid station. Water, Coca-Cola, natural orange juice, powerade, beer, banana, orange, sweets, nuts, quince jelly, chips, spanish omelette, olives, fuet. All gluten free except sandwich and biscuits

Individual categories Absolute (Female and Male), Sub23 (Female and Male until 23 years), Master (Female from 40 years and Male from 45 years)


Approximate time first runner 1h 20

Record of the race 1h28

Time Barriers (Closing check points) Yes

Av1. Prat Gespador (Km 9'4) - 9:30h

Av2. Xalet del Catllaràs (Km 11'4) - 11:00h

Time arrival first runner 9:50h

Time arrival last runner 12:00h

Awards ceremony EXPRESS at - 11:20h 

Track signposted with strips (red and white) and direction signals